Overlook Way (Half-Ass) Farm


Miniature Dairy Goats


  1. Chickens
    Our small flock was selected so that we would have a variety of egg shell colors and plumage.
  2. Goaties
    Our goats are fun and entertaining members of our family hobby farm.
  3. Mulies
    We love our little mules! Cricket (pictured) was a rescue mule who found herself in the slaughter pipeline. Now this sweetheart resides with us.



Shane and I both grew up in Connecticut and have both lived in various CT towns throughout our respective childhoods and young adult lives (technically Shane defected to CO for a spell). After my employer announced the move of its headquarters to New Haven, Shane and I began searching for the perfect place to move our family. I wanted a hobby farm, and Shane wanted to be in a shoretown. We found our home in North Guilford and couldn't be happier.
I wanted to share my love of animals with my children, other family members and friends.


  • 30+ years of animal husbandry and handling experience
  • Bachelor of Science from UCONN CANR majoring in Animal Science
  • Advocate for humane animal care and practices


In addition to our children, Collin, Quin, and Kate, we share our home with a variety of animals, ranging from axolotls to pony mules. Our yard also hosts numerous species of wildlife. Walking through the yard, it's not uncommon to spy shorebirds that stop by our pond, curious red-tailed hawks, whitetailed deer, red fox, coyotes, raccoons, oppossums, skunks, and a very robust wild rabbit population. We have seen them all enjoying our yard or the landtrust at some point or another. 
  1. The "Hang-Out" Barn
    The "Hang-Out" Barn
  2. Wild ducks hanging out in our pond
    Wild ducks hanging out in our pond
  3. The Hang-Out Barn
    The Hang-Out Barn
  4. Our back yard from across the pond
    Our back yard from across the pond
  5. Beautiful daisy
    Beautiful daisy

A place to play and unwind.