Chickens & Waterfowl

Our Story
Double Laced Blue Barnevelder
Our Double Laced Blue Barnevelder, Blue-Boy, and his lady friends, BlueSky and Lacey. They are standard fowl and were hatched in Spring 2015.
  1. George(tte)
    George is one of our original hens that we got in spring of 2013. She is an Americauna.
  2. Oscar
    Oscar is a Barnevelder/Jubilee Orpington cross that was hen-hatched on our little farm in 2016. He's a pretty boy, and he doesn't chase any of the little humans, so he's a keeper!
  3. Caramel Trumpette
    Caramel Trumpette
    Caramel is a Brown Leghorn. She was hatched in 2016 and is a love bug!
  4. Rosie
    Quin's Rhode Island Red. :)
Waterfowl- coming soon :)
Hoping to add a pair of Pilgrim geese. For now, we enjoy the transient population of wild waterfowl that stop by to enjoy the pond.